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Our relationship with Raymond James allows us to offer a wide range of wealth management solutions. Whether you need something as simple as a Roth IRA or as involved as access to investment banking, we can help you. We also specialize in institutional investment management, private equity or hedge funds, concentrated equity strategies, business retirement plans, and traditional mutual funds.


Purposeful planning is all about what you want to protect. Some families focus on creating a fantastic retirement, while others are called to change the world through philanthropy. However, to one degree or another, most families are motivated to prepare their heirs to be good stewards of the wealth they receive. We can help you create a Philanthropic Mission Statement to guide your giving and determine the impact you want to make in the world, 

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How To Strengthen Family Bonds Through Wealth

You have wealth that you know will go to your children, but are they prepared? Most wealth is gone by the time it reaches the third generation. That means your grandchildren aren’t likely to benefit from the wealth you have created. It is tempting for your children to treat an inheritance like an extra paycheck instead of an heirloom and testament of the life of someone great. Without developing a sense of individual stewardship, it becomes much easier for your children to spend wealth, not grow it. But the crowning concern you might have isn’t about how your children spend their inheritance, it’s about how close they will continue to be after your passing.

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How do we do that? By giving them hands-on experience together.

When you and your children create a shared family vision, the wealth you have spent a lifetime growing can strengthen the relationship between your children. When you pass, your children will not only have a greater appreciation for you and the life you lived but will have a strong bond and vision that keeps them working together to carry on your family legacy.

Our Team

Andrew Sherman

Andrew Sherman

A well-seasoned professional in family wealth management with over 20 years of research and experience in his portfolio, Andrew is the confident and personable expert who helps you achieve your family vision.

Jennifer Curtis

Jennifer Curtis

The source of laughter and joy, Jenn walks with you as you progress through your financial journey. Her extensive education and personal experience allow her to easily work through your business affairs.

Denise Seegmiller

Denise Seegmiller

As a friendly and well-rounded individual, Denise assists you with all the nitty-gritty details of your business here. As your first contact in our office, Denise will help you stay on track during our engagement with you and your family.

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Not Just a Wealth Planner, but a Family Advocate

There are thousands of wealth planners willing and able to manage your personal fortune. We know because we started out as one of them! We realized that helping families stay together and helping our clients teach their children financial stewardship aligned more with our values and goals as a company. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the chance to potentially increase their wealth and build family relationships.

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MultiGen Institute is not only an advisory practice; we also study how families use “story” to prepare their heirs, foster stewardship, and encourage multigenerational unity. Every family’s story is different.

If you are interested in sharing your story, please contact us and we will give you more information.

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Is Your Family Prepared?

Download your free guide on what your family needs to know before you pass

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